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How to Study for the USMLE Step 1 – Showing USMLE Step 1 Who’s Boss

Divide and Conquer Like any great undertaking, half the battle begins with the plan. You recognized cramming as a reactionary practice, and chose to cast that out from the beginning. Since USMLE Step 1 hones in on the mechanisms and …

Sore Thumbs & Smarty Pants: The Von Restorff Effect on Memory

The human mind has a special place for the bizarre. In fact, the more unusual, humorous, eccentric or noticeably individualistic any bit of data may be, the better chance the brain has of putting a thumb on it, according to …

Pictures > Words

Research Reveals the Mnemonic Power of Pictures ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ never rang truer than for studies on how the human memory functions. Many theories show the superiority of pictures over words in relation to information retention. …

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